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Using my experience and expertise, I have created a targeted range of natural products designed to help you live life to the fullest. Phyte Club utilises the powerful natural properties* of cannabidiol combined with other natural ingredients to help you manage your health.

Dr Lee Allen

Great product and excellent service. Been taking CBD from Phyte Club for three weeks now, noticed a big difference in sleep quality, would recommend. Thanks!


I’ve been using it for nearly 4 weeks now and the results already are having a huge beneficial impact on my mind and body which is leading me to have much better sleep together with lower levels of stress. Highly recommend this product.


Thank you so much for the hand-written instruction on the invoice following my purchase. That personalised service makes all the difference. Also, the products work really well. I had a tennis match yesterday and I have not felt the normal pains, particularly on my right hip and shoulder as I do after a tough match. I think I am ready for this league season


Phyte Club Muscle and Joint Fitness Gel has really improved my quality of life - I now use it daily on my arthritic knees and the difference is huge.


I can honestly say that Phyte Club products are some of the best I have tried. The miracle balm smells amazing, and I now use this plus the oil every night to help me relax.


This recovery gel has absolutely revolutionised my recovery after a gym session. I used to always suffer from aching muscles the day after a workout, but since adding in the gel to my post workout routine I no longer suffer this problem! Amazing stuff!


The muscle and joint fitness gel gives a soothing cooling sensation on my sore back. I’d definitely recommend it.


CBD for Sport | Skin | Spirit
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