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Guide to CBD Oil

You may feel a bit apprehensive about CBD, particularly if you know little about it. Through reputation and information, Phyte Club will give you the knowledge to feel confident about starting doses, concentration and dose titration.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular as people look for more natural solutions to manage their health, and a search of the internet will reveal the various ways many are finding it beneficial.

Starting Dose

If you have never used CBD Oil before, then Phyte Club Premium CBD Oil in a 10% strength would be an appropriate strength to try first. The right ‘dose’ will depend on numerous factors and will vary from person to person, so follow this guide until you find a regime that works for you. Our suggested starting dose is 3 drops placed sub-lingually (under the tongue) morning and evening.

It is important to hold the drops under the tongue for 1 minute. This is because CBD has a relatively low oral bioavailability - in other words, it is absorbed better under the tongue than when swallowed.

Increasing The Dose

It will take time for any CBD regime to reach full effect, so if you think you need to increase the dose you should do so gradually (over a few days). Dose can be increased by either adding 1 or 2 drops in the morning/evening, or increasing the frequency from 2 to 3 times a day for example.

Once you feel confident you have found a routine that works for you, you may wish to consider switching to a higher strength oil and reducing the number of drops you take. This is a more cost efficient way of delivering the same effective dose.

It is recommended that you should not exceed 70mg CBD in any 24 hour period.

10% Premium CBD Oil: 1 drop = 5mg approx.
14 drops = max dose in 24 hr period.

Each 10ml bottle contains around 200 drops, and would be expected to last about a month depending on frequency of use and dosing. If you find that the bottle lasts less than a month, then you should consider increasing the concentration (%).

Weight-adjusted dosing table

  40-65kg 65-90kg 90-120kg >120kg

3 drops 10% Oil per day

3 drops 10% Oil twice a day
3 drops 15% Oil Twice a day
3-6 drops 15% Oil Twice a day
4-5 drops 10% Oil per day
3 drops 10% Oil Three times a day
4 drops 15% Oil Twice a day
4-6 drops 20% Oil Twice a day
3-4 drops 10% Oil twice a day
3 drops 15% Oil Three times a day
6 drops 15% Oil Twice a day
6 drops 25% Oil Twice a day


Potency & Equivalence Table for Phyte Club Premium CBD Oils - 10ml Bottle

 Dose 500mg CBD 50mg/ml (5%) 2.5mg/drop
1000mg CBD 100mg/ml (10%) 5mg/drop
1500mg CBD 150mg/ml (15%) 7.5mg/drop
2000mg CBD 200mg/ml (20%) 10mg/drop
5mg 2 Drops 1 Drop - -
7.5mg 3 Drops - 1 Drop -
10mg 4 Drops 2 Drops - 1 Drop
12.5mg 5 Drops - - -
15mg 6 Drops 3 Drops 2 Drops -
17.5mg 7 Drops - - -
20mg 8 Drops 4 Drops - 2 Drops
22.5mg 9 Drops - 3 Drops -
25mg 10 Drops 5 Drops - -
27.5mg 11 Drops - - -
30mg 12 Drops 6 Drops 4 Drops 3 Drops 

If you are unsure or have any questions, then please get in touch with us at info@phyte.co.uk

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