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Miracle Balm 100mg CBD

Phyte Club CBD

Great things come in small packages and Phyte Club Miracle CBD Balm is no exception. Containing 100mg CBD, this premium lavender scented balm meets the needs of even the most demanding skin.

Miracle Balm really does do it all:

Winter fatigued skin? Radiant, revitalised complexion through the use of lemongrass oil, and stimulation of oxygen transport into the skin cells by rosehip oil. Creation of the skin's own protective barrier by the linoleic acids of grape seed oil.

Dry, cracked, eczema prone skin? Miracle balm hydrates with beeswax, shea butter, organic jojoba oil, soothing lavender and chamomile. Vitamin E improves the skin's ability to retain moisture in the long term.

Need to relax? Rub a little onto the temples before bedtime to aid natural sleep, through the relaxing effect of peppermint, lavender and chamomile.

From top to bottom this lavender scented balm melts into the skin is truly magical and provides a really big bang in one little balm!

THC Free (<0.00%)

All products are 100% legal and contain 0% THC in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency 2021 regulations on prohibited substances.

Certificate of Analysis

This Product is Registered with CPNP

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Dosage Guide

You may feel a bit apprehensive about CBD, particularly if you know little about it. Through reputation and information, Phyte Club will give you the knowledge to feel confident about starting doses, concentration and dose titration.

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Phyte Club Muscle and Joint Fitness Gel has really improved my quality of life - I now use it daily on my arthritic knees and the difference is huge.

Jan M.

I can honestly say that Phyte Club products are some of the best I have tried. The miracle balm smells amazing, and I now use this plus the oil every night to help me relax.

Margot S.

This recovery gel has absolutely revolutionised my recovery after a gym session. I used to always suffer from aching muscles the day after a workout, but since adding in the gel to my post workout routine I no longer suffer this problem! Amazing stuff!

Laurin A

The muscle and joint fitness gel gives a soothing cooling sensation on my sore back. I’d definitely recommend it.

C Stott

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